28 August 2012

Lola & Sebastian

We left some very dear people behind when we left NYC two years ago, including our long-time friends (14+ years!) Mara and Coche. We shared years of pre-parenthood adventures and then we had the great fortune of transitioning into life with children together. Twins Lola and Sebastian were born just two months before Court, and their sweet baby sister Paloma just celebrated her first birthday.

Our August trip to NYC would not have been complete without a playdate with this fun crew. Luckily for us, they live on the waterfront in Long Island City, Queens, adjacent to a wonderful park and pier system, so the kids had a fantastic morning running around together. Of all the things we miss about the city, the Gonzalez family is at the top of the list!

22 August 2012

Sugar Sweet Sunshine

We recently spent a long summer weekend in Court's city of origin and we had a wonderful time sharing the sights and sounds of New York City with him. There were so many highlights to the trip, including a visit to our beloved cupcake shop, Sugar Sweet Sunshine. These cupcakes were a primary craving during my pregnancy with Court, so it makes sense that he became an instant fan. In true toddler fashion, he chose a strawberry cake - cream cheese frosting combination for himself and then proceeded to eat my vanilla cake - vanilla buttercream selection instead. Luckily, I was smart enough to get a half-dozen for the road!

07 August 2012

Play Ball!

This past weekend, we took Court to his first baseball game at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. We attempted to attend a game in early May but the skies opened up right as we arrived at the park, resulting in the ultimate cancellation of that evening's game. Luckily for us, this past Sunday the weather cooperated and Court got to cheer on the Bulls in a triple-A game against the Gwinnett Braves. As expected, Court was more interested in people-watching and junk-food eating than the game itself, so we indulged him in some hot dogs, tater tots smothered with cheese, and Cracker Jacks. We didn't make it past the fifth inning, but he got his fill of baseball for the season!

01 August 2012

Popsicle Parade

A few weeks after Court's graduation ceremony at the Infant-Toddler Center, we invited all of his classmates over for a "Splish Splash Backyard Bash," complete with a sprinkler, wading pool and lots of cool snacks set up in our backyard. Five of his nine classmates were able to join us (along with their parents) for a fun morning outdoors in the (shaded) 100 degree heat. Thank goodness we had lots of popsicles to go around!

30 July 2012

Graduation Day

In a month's time, Court will be moving on from the wonderful nursery school where he has spent the past ten months growing and learning while Mom and Dad were at work. The school, the Infant-Toddler Center (ITC), is a small program housed in a church across the street from the State Capitol building, and we feel so fortunate that Court was able to spend part of his year there. Sadly for us, the ITC provides care for children ages two months to two years so Court will be moving on this fall before he turns three.

Court's teachers and program director put together a lovely graduation celebration for him and his classmates, where they performed a few songs and received graduation certificates and photo memory books. We had a great time watching him perform and we are so fond of the community at the school.

Court with his lead teacher, Minnie

26 July 2012

Summertime Swim

Pardon the three-month hiatus from Holding Court!
We had a very busy late spring and early summer, with lots of travel to wonderful places to visit and celebrate with dear friends and family. We hope to settle back into our home and our regular routines by mid-August, after a few more trips to fun and far-away places (including Court's birthplace, NYC!).

Despite all of the travel, we have found plenty of time to enjoy all of the wonderful summer programs that Raleigh has to offer, including a series of swimming lessons at a city pool. We started with a parent-child class earlier this summer, at which point our *advanced* swimmer was given the go-ahead to move onto the first level of preschool swimming classes (usually reserved for children ages three and up!). Court is loving this six-class series and he has the added bonus of a good friend, Monty, to join him in class every day.

30 April 2012

Mickey Mouse Invasion

Court has developed an extreme fondness for Mickey and friends during the past many months and we are regularly greeted by pleas to "watch Mickey." We are probably still years away from a visit to Disney World, but in the meantime, the Disney store at our local mall provides plenty of satisfaction for this guy!