27 February 2012

Sleepy time

Since he was 6 months old (upon outgrowing the swaddle-style blankets), Court has been sleeping in a sleep sack, which is basically a wearable blanket with holes for a head and two arms. When he got too long for the standard sleep sack, we moved him into the toddler-style sack, which also has two holes for his feet.

In recent weeks, he had taken to removing his sleep sack sometime between falling asleep and waking up, and it is now normal to find him undressed in his bed, sack tossed to the side and his PJs either unzipped or fully removed. Oh, to know what goes on in that little toddler brain! (And yes, his crib regularly includes this many contents.)

14 February 2012

Harry Potter

Look who got their hands on some spectacles during our most recent trip to LensCrafters!

06 February 2012


Court's dad spent most of January in Hyderabad, India, on a work assignment. We kept in regular touch by telephone and via Skype but Court was very aware of his daddy's absence and he was incredibly excited to welcome him home on February 3. Court selected a special (Giants) balloon to bring to the airport and he helped to decorate a welcome sign for his Dada. It was a very sweet and happy reunion.

03 February 2012

Freedom Park, Charlotte

Court and I spent a wonderfully fun weekend in Charlotte at the end of January, where we shared lots of quality time with his uncle Alex and aunt Melanie and our dear friends Lindsey and Joe O'Neil. One highlight of our trip was a visit to Freedom Park on a sunny and warm Saturday morning. The park is home to an antique locomotive and a huge playground, but Court's favorite part of the park was the huge duck pond, which he enjoyed alongside his aunt Melanie.