30 April 2012

Mickey Mouse Invasion

Court has developed an extreme fondness for Mickey and friends during the past many months and we are regularly greeted by pleas to "watch Mickey." We are probably still years away from a visit to Disney World, but in the meantime, the Disney store at our local mall provides plenty of satisfaction for this guy!

25 April 2012

Easter with Court

We had a lovely Easter holiday with Court, complete with multiple eggs hunts, cookie baking, egg dyeing, and a visit with the Easter Bunny (which went shockingly well following a not-so-great season with Santa). One of our favorite moments was the egg hunt hosted by his school on the front lawn of the State Capitol Building. The lawn is beautifully maintained and it was a thrill to watch 20 one- and two-year-olds discover the treasure trove of candy-filled eggs.

Egg hunting at the State Capitol

Egg hunting at the home of his good pal Libby Boyne (on the occasion of her birthday)

Sporting bunny ears and his fancy Easter outfit

21 April 2012

Potty Training Party

While his mom and dad comfortably floated along in diaper-land, Court decided to take things into his own hands and recently started asking to use the potty and talking about big boy underwear. Many of his classmates are six months older than him and not one to be left behind, he took the lead on his own potty training. We decided to kick things off with a potty training extravaganza weekend, a three-day pants-off party. Court did amazingly well, supported by stickers and M&Ms, with only two accidents over three days. We're now two weeks into a diaper-free life and he's doing great!
 Pants-off party weekend coincided with Easter weekend, so we kept busy with lots of Easter projects like coloring Easter eggs.
Party on the top, pants off on the bottom!
Looking at some flash cards while hanging out on the potty.
Our cool cat.

16 April 2012

Farm Animal Days

Once a year, NC State University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences opens up its field laboratory to the public for a few days. It's a wildly popular event attended by thousands of children, including our guy Court. When we visited the event in 2011, he was still a bit too young (at 15 months) to properly interact with all of the animals and farm equipment, but this year, he embraced every single part of the experience, from holding baby chicks, to petting a baby goat, to driving a big tractor, to enjoying some NCSU ice cream (truly, some of the best we've ever had).

04 April 2012

Tutu Comes to Visit

Court recently spent a week with his Maui grandma, who he lovingly calls Tutu (the standard Hawaiian name for grandmothers). They played all over the city, including a lovely spring afternoon at one of our favorite outdoor spaces, Fred Fletcher Park.