29 March 2012

The Neighborhood Gang

Court is very fortunate to have a large group of toddler friends within walking distance of our home, including a few who have become like family to us since we landed in Raleigh. Court first met Allen, Avery and Keenan in the late summer of 2010 and they've had lots of adventures together since that time, including many holidays and dinner dates and a week at the beach last summer. We're so grateful for all of them!
 Court, Avery & Keenan (both born 6/2010)

 Allen (born 6/2009), Court, Avery, Keenan and baby Benn (born 5/2011)

05 March 2012

Breaking in the Waffle Iron

Court's great aunt Mary Ann gifted us with a new waffle iron recently, which makes our waffle-crazed family pretty darn excited. Court was quick to pull up his stool and help his mom and dad with waffle prep this weekend, and then voluntarily climbed into his high chair to gobble them up. (Our kitchen isn't usually this disheveled, but it was a big project!)

01 March 2012

Sweet Potato Fries

We don't eat a lot of french fries, but when we do, we get especially excited about sweet potato fries. We're particularly keen on the fried-to-order, NC-grown sweet potatoes at the Q Shack, one of our favorite barbeque spots. Court is a big fan of the Q Shack and on a recent visit, he declared that he was too big for the highchair (an escalating battle for his mom & dad) and insisted on sitting in a booth. He's still a bit small for such a big boy seat, but that didn't stop him from digging into the fries, mac & cheese, and grilled hot dog. Yum!