25 August 2011

Retro Style

This week, Court received his second (and hopefully final!) crew cut as a part of our ongoing efforts to even out his lovely locks. Court *loves* to suck his left thumb and he picked up a fairly fierce hair-twirling habit in early June to keep his right hand busy while sucking his thumb. Hair twirling lead to hair pulling which lead to a bald spot that we addressed by chopping it all off. Two months later, we opted for a second haircut to even it out.

He was such a champ in the barber's chair that we decided to reward him with a delicious cup of ice cream. He also convinced his dad to share an Oreo milkshake. Our big boy now looks like he belongs at a sock hop in the 1950s!

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kathy middleton said...

Court still looks darling! He may associate haircuts with big treats, though. Finally figured out how to leave a comment! Hugs from Tutu.