17 October 2011

Big Changes!

We are kicking off a new stage of our lives today, as I prepare to return to the workforce this week. The Local Government Commission, which is part of the NC State Treasurer's Office, received a copy of my resume through a professional acquaintance and approached me about an opportunity in their debt management division. Ultimately, they offered me a position working in my exact field of study and they have agreed to allow me to work thirty hours per week, thus affording me with the ability to continue to spend a lot of time with Court every day. I will be working Monday through Thursday from 8 am until 4 pm, during which time Court will attend the Infant-Toddler Center in downtown Raleigh, directly across the street from the State Capitol and just two blocks from Jon's office.

Today was Court's first day at his new school and he was amazingly calm and happy - no tears! He has been attending a two-day morning preschool for the past few months so he understands the general concept of school and now he'll be attending full-day school, four days per week. He already knows his three teachers by name and they said that he was a true sweetheart to them and to the other children. We are excited and nervous about the transition but Court makes it look easy!

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