21 April 2012

Potty Training Party

While his mom and dad comfortably floated along in diaper-land, Court decided to take things into his own hands and recently started asking to use the potty and talking about big boy underwear. Many of his classmates are six months older than him and not one to be left behind, he took the lead on his own potty training. We decided to kick things off with a potty training extravaganza weekend, a three-day pants-off party. Court did amazingly well, supported by stickers and M&Ms, with only two accidents over three days. We're now two weeks into a diaper-free life and he's doing great!
 Pants-off party weekend coincided with Easter weekend, so we kept busy with lots of Easter projects like coloring Easter eggs.
Party on the top, pants off on the bottom!
Looking at some flash cards while hanging out on the potty.
Our cool cat.

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