12 January 2012

Look Who's Two! (part 1)

Court has the great (mis)fortune of a late December birthday, so we segue from one celebration into the next with little rest in between. As a family, we have resolved to make his birthday a distinctly separate event from the holidays, which we achieve in part by taking down all of the Christmas decorations on December 26th.

Lucky for Court, this year he had two celebrations to commemorate turning TWO. First, he celebrated with a dozen doughnuts alongside his Grammy, Papa, aunt Melanie and uncle Alex on the morning of his actual birthday, December 29 (photos below). Then, he celebrated with a birthday brunch and book exchange in the company of some of his dearest toddler friends the morning of New Year's Eve (photos to follow). Both parties were filled with lots of smiles and hugs and Court definitely knew that something special was going on!

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