23 January 2012

The Lowcountry, Court-Style

We spent a wonderful long weekend in Charleston this month with Court's maternal great-grandmothers, great aunts and uncles, and all three of his godparents (who are also his aunts and uncles). Court was showered with attention from the entire family and he had special playdates with his godmother/aunt Ann Kimball and his great aunts Trisha and Mary Ann. Everyone was so generous with their time, allowing me and my brother Andrew to run a half-marathon together and to attend a College of Charleston basketball game with our uncle Gus and our cousin Kenny (husband to Ann Kimball and one of Court's godfathers, along with Andrew).

Court also joined my brother and me for some fun field trips to the Battery, the Charleston Aquarium, and Waterfront Park, where we replayed our own childhood memories and watched Court form some new ones of his own.

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Ann Kimball said...

Yay! Come back soon!