17 January 2012

Look Who's Two! (part 2)

Court hosted a few friends for a birthday brunch and book exchange on the morning of December 31. We dined on mini chicken biscuits, quiche, fresh berries, and croissants, and washed it all down with birthday cake. In lieu of gifts, we asked everyone to bring a wrapped book to the party, which the children exchanged with each other. We also had a "breakfast necklace" station set up for the crafty baby bunch, with bowls full of cherrios and fruit loops for stringing onto strands of yarn. Tied around one's neck, it makes for a convenient and portable cereal snack. It was a lovely morning!
(note the breakfast necklace above)

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Ann Kimball said...

Yay! Happy belated birthday, Court! I had so much fun with him this past weekend. xoxo